Watch Lauren Daigle Speak About How God’s Love Carries Her Through Anxiety

Last week, Lauren Daigle was doing a Q&A session in Knoxville as part of her Look Up Child Tour, when a mother and daughter approached the microphone to ask her a simple question: How does Lauren deal with anxiety in moments when she’s facing down fear?

The singer’s answer was as wise as you would expect:


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Anxiety held a prominent place in Daigle’s story in the lead-up to her work on Look Up Child. In a featured interview with RELEVANT, Daigle opened up about her headspace going into the project, and how it took some time away from the rush of the music industry to re-center herself on why she was singing in the first place:

“Even in the moments when you feel lack, even in the moments when I’ve completely handed myself over to this machine, I’m never too far gone. God is the anchor,” she explained.

Is it any wonder we’re fans?

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