Watch Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson’s Worshipful ‘O Holy Night’ Performance on ‘The Voice’

Pop stars and American Idol alums Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson recently made a special appearance on The Voice and performed a worshipful version of the Christmas classic, “O Holy Night.”

Hudson has long been vocal about her Christian faith. After her brother, mother and nephew were murdered back in 2008, she later told the Guardian, “[My faith] was the ultimate help to me. We always said, ‘If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it.’ There would be no point in faith if it wasn’t tested. My mother always told me no matter how negative your life seems to be, you must always look for a positive. That is what I believe a woman of faith should do.”

Clarkson too grew up in a Christian household. She explained to Crosswalk, “I always grew up in church. I was the leader of our youth group. I’ve always grown up pretty close to church and with God. But I think I’ve just gotten a lot closer just because He’s the only One I can lean on.”

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