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The VMAs Not as Awful as They Sometimes Are

Unlike the Emmys or the Oscars, the VMAs aren’t really about who takes home the trophy. They’re actually about …well, who knows what they’re actually about? This year, there were no scandals to launch an avalanche of thinkpieces about Miley Cyrus or the oversexualization of a generation. In fact, Miley’s one and only moment was winning an award for best music video, and she used the moment to raise awareness about teen homelessness. The VMA’s also gave a refreshing amount of time to women, and a huge amount of time to Thé Woman. Yes, the most notable moment from the VMA’s was Her Royal Beyonceness’ epic, 16-minute medley which brought the Internet to its knees and the Knowles-Carter family to their feet. All told, not nearly the garbage heap the VMAs tend to be …

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