Uh, Prince’s New Song Is Actually an Old Nichole Nordeman Song?

A million monkeys typing on a million keyboards for a million years would come up with a lot of headlines, but would they ever, no matter how furiously their little primate hands typed, come up with this? Prince—yes, that Prince—debuted a new song in Louisville(?) today called “What If?” And the song is actually a reworking of Nichole Nordeman’s 2005 K-LOVE-friendly single of the same name. Such a roller coaster, this crazy life.

Nichole Nordeman, as you may know, is a CCM artist whose heyday was back in the late ’90s and early ’00s. How Prince stumbled across her “What If?” is a mystery to us, but how and why Prince does anything is sort of a mystery, so nothing new there. Check it out while you can, because Prince is notoriously finicky about letting his music exist online.

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