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Today Was an Emotional Roller Coaster for Justin Timberlake Fans

First, blogs exploded with the news from Jim Beanz (a music producer that nobody has seemed to have ever heard of) that he was working on some new music with Justin Timberlake, America’s sweetheart. This had Timberlake fans going crazy because if there is one thing Timberlake fans love, it’s news that their Prince of Pop is working on his first album since 2006. But then the news came from Timberlake’s publicist that he is not working on a new album with Jim Beanz, is not working on any music at the present and probably wishes everyone would just leave him alone about the whole music thing. So, all told, a wild ride for Timberlake fans today. He is working on a new movie with Ben Affleck in Puerto Rico. It’s not another Justified, but it’s better than nothing …

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