The First Trailer for ‘Nomadland’ Promises a Somber Meditation on Modern America

The first, brief trailer for Nomadland doesn’t give us much to go on besides a lovely, plaintive score and Frances McDormand going for a morning stroll among a caravan of modern-day nomads out in the middle of nowhere American West. But the film doesn’t need to show much more than that, given its promising pedigree. First up, McDormand, obviously. Also, the excellent source material from Jessica Bruder, which tells the true story of a woman who traveled with a collection of aging migrant laborers; victims of the Great Recession. Finally, this movie was written and directed by red-hot up-and-comer Chloé Zhao, whose quiet, intimate portrayals of humanity have been uniformly stirring so far (and has us very interested to see what she’s got in store for her blockbuster feature debut with Marvel’s Eternals next year). So, all told, yeah. Can’t wait to see this one in December.

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