The Enneagram Type of All the Avengers

One of the things that set Marvel’s Avengers apart as superheroes is that they’re also people and, just like all people, have their fair share of faults and foibles. In other words, yes, they have an Enneagram type — but which Enneagram type do they have? Given the nature of the Enneagram itself, it’s a little difficult to type our heroes with certainty, but we put our heads together and did whatever it takes to give it our best shot.

Iron Man: 3 — The Achiever

Not a difficult one. Tony Stark is an ambitious overachiever obsessed with attention who knows how to pour on the charm. He is, like many 3s, image-conscious and can be competitive to a fault, but is also committed to self-improvement and being the best possible version of himself, no matter the cost.

Captain America: 1 — The Reformer

How do you feel about America? Well, it doesn’t hugely matter to Captain America because he is driven by his personal vision for the country and determined to bring it in line with his own moral compass, other people’s opinions be hanged. Good thing for us that Cap’s moral compass happens to be one of the better ones in the business. Like any 1, Cap’s sense of right and wrong is clearly defined, with little room for gray. He is an advocate for change and justice and wants to remake the world into a better, more principled place. May his successes be many.

Thor: 7 — The Enthusiast

It would be hard to not be enthusiastic about being the God of Thunder. You get to zip around the universe on a rainbow bridge with your magic hammer (RIP). But Thor’s cheer goes deeper than just spoiling for a good fight. He’s impulsive and high-spirited who drives himself to higher highs as a way of avoiding dealing with his pain and trauma.

Black Widow: 8 — The Challenger

Natasha is a resourceful, self-confident hero who holds even close friends at arm’s length in an attempt to maintain control of her environment. She’s not afraid of confrontation and has a need to prove her own resilience. Her fear of having “red in her ledger” shows just how resistant she is to being controlled by anyone else, but her refusal to give up in the face of impossible odds is a reminder of why 8s are so vital to functioning community.

Black Panther: 6 – The Loyalist

It took T’Challa a long time to confront his nation’s systemic issues, signifying just how deeply he believes in Wakanda’s legacy and authority. Of all the Avengers, the Black Panther is the most committed to his friends and most capable of relying on others to help him fight for what he believes in.

Captain Marvel: 8 – The Challenger

Like her fellow Avenger Black Widow, Carol Danvers trusts her own competence to a fault and is forever eager to test the wisdom of accepted structures and systems. She reacts with fury at the idea of being manipulated and controlled by others and is at her strongest when she learns to accept the extent of her own enormous willpower.

Spider-Man: 2 – The Helper

Peter Parker’s drive to be accepted by his heroes is both his strength and his weakness. In his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man says he’s motivated to do the right thing because if you don’t help someone when you could have, then you might as well be the one hurting them. He is the least selfish of all the Avengers, the most purely altruistic in his unconditional love of the people he wants to protect and the best helper Earth’s Mightiest Heroes could ask for.

War Machine: 1 – The Reformer

James Rhodes is a born soldier and, like his fellow soldier Captain America, is imbued with a firm sense of right and wrong. His loyalties transcend relationships and his personal principles won’t be swayed just because it’s inconvenient.

Vision: 9 – The Peacemaker

Androids, which for the purpose of this article, have an Enneagram type, aren’t known for their helpfulness. Indeed, Ultron created Vision, and he just about plunged all of humanity into a state of extinction. But Vision is a synthezoid and desperately opposed to conflict of any kind. He readily, almost eagerly, offers to sacrifice his own life before he’ll ask anyone to go to the trouble of saving him — something any 9 can relate to.

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Hawkeye: 6 – The Loyalist

First of all, Hawkeye is weirdly loyal to his bow and arrow gimmick despite the fact that he’s on a team with an actual lightning god, but that could be a separate issue. Ultimately, Hawkeye’s loyalties are to his family, Captain America and his friend Black Widow — and he’s gone great lengths to stand by them.

Hulk: 5 – The Investigator

Bruce Banner is a sharp guy — they don’t just hand out PhDs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — but investigators are also marked by a tendency toward innovation and independence. When Banner isn’t big and green, he’s working on creative solutions to the Avengers’ problems or distancing himself from the team as a way of protecting them. That’s a 5 for you. They also can be marked by being “high strung and intense.” You wouldn’t like this 5 when he’s high strung and intense.

Ant-Man: 6 – The Loyalist

The ability to shrink can come in handy, but Scott Lang’s real superpower is his dedication to his daughter, his friends and the Pym family. He’ll go down with the ship for even a lost cause, so long as the cause is something he’s committed to and champions.

Scarlet Witch: 4 – The Individualist

The Enneagram Institute says Fours are able to “transform their experiences,” which is definitely true of Wanda. But beyond her powerset, there’s also her sensitivity and emotional honesty. She’s drawn to self-expression and sees herself as unique and a little unknowable. She’s painfully aware of her own dark side but also has a longing to create a beautiful life for herself.

(Many thanks to Adam Buzzard for his help.)

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