The Definitive Ranking of Workplace Jesus Paintings

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents. And, what better way to honor that businessperson, teacher, truck driver or optometrist in your life than with a classy Jesus painting that can adorn the walls of their office.

We’ve taken the liberty of organizing–and ranking–the best workplace Jesus paintings found on the internet.

Your local dentist/lobbyist/professional boxer will be moved the the gesture.

1. Always Be Closing Jesus  2. ER Jesus

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3. Pharmaceutical Jesus

4. Lasik Jesus

5. Tutor Jesus

6. Personal Trainer Jesus

7. Filibuster Jesus

8. Coach Jesus

11. Teaching Assistant Jesus

12. You Really Need to Work on Your Flossing Jesus

13. Jesus Take the Wheel Jesus

14. No, Seriously, Jesus Take the Wheel

15. Jesus, For the Last Time, Take the Wheel

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