The Cast of ‘The Office’ Invaded ‘SNL’ to Ask Steve Carell for a Reboot

Steve Carell hosted SNL this past weekend, and as with most public appearances by the actor, he was hammered with questions about a reboot of The Office. Only this time, the questions didn’t come from annoying fans, but rather, his fellow former cast members.

Erin, Andy, Pam and even Carol (Steve Carell’s real-life wife, Nancy) all showed up to implore Carell about a reboot. The joke here was the financial incentive, and Carell waved off most of the pleading with his usual lines about not doing it for the money and being happy with what the cast created in years past.

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Some might be annoyed that Carell’s monologue was devoted to a sort of fan-servicey bit, but for others, it will be fun to pause the video at the moment the cast takes the stage, right at the cusp of Carell’s “announcement,” and quit the internet forever under the impression that The Office returned in all its glory.

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