Speedy Ortiz Start a “Help Hotline” For Anyone Who Feels Unsafe at Their Shows

Concerts—fun? Or hellish landscapes where people can do, say, and act however they want? Too often an innocent night out can fall victim to the latter.

One band, Speedy Ortiz, has taken a unique angle to help solve this—by asking fans to contact them directly. Today the Massachusetts-based group posted a phone hotline number to Twitter, with the promise that anyone who texts them during their show with a complaint will immediately be sent help.

“As a performer, I always have an easier time getting security’s ear,” says frontwoman Sadie Dupuis. “I’m hoping we can leverage our privilege as performers to help keep our friends in the crowd safer.”

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“We want to play shows that are built upon community, support and mutual respect,” says the band on a new flyer they put out about the hotline. “Together we can make shows safer and more inclusive for a wider community.” They continue on to note that they hope other bands will follow suit.

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