Snoop Dogg Will Perform at Bethel University, Just Like You Always Knew Would Happen One Day

Bethel University is a famed Christian college located just outside of the twin cities in Minnesota. Snoop Dogg is a famous rapper located in Los Angeles, California. So right there, you can see that two places are just a natural fit for each other. Even more natural now, what with Snoop having a new Gospel album called Snoop Dogg Presents the Bible of Love. He’ll be performing songs from the album at Bethel’s “Super Bowl Celebration,” alongside people like Sheila E., Sounds of Blackness, Tye Tribbett, The Clark Sisters, Faith Evans and, you know what, let’s go back to Snoop Dogg, who is really doing this.

Not everyone is feeling it. As Bethel’s student paper notes, some people on campus have said, “Bethel is going to hell for allowing this man on stage at Bethel.”

In a statement to faculty and staff, the school said, “The Super Bowl Celebration’s overall mission—to celebrate where faith and football meet—aligns with Bethel’s mission; however, Bethel does not get involved in the specific content of any events staged by rental groups, including this one. In fact, the Super Bowl Gospel organization only confirmed last week that this year’s headline performer will be Snoop Dogg, who is promoting his forthcoming gospel album.”

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article said,

“Bethel campus ministries dean Laurel Bunker told Bethel’s student paper that some people have determined that ‘Bethel is going to hell for allowing this man on stage at Bethel.'”

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To clarify, the school’s newspaper article, which was referenced in the article, said: “Some people have told Bethel campus ministries dean Laurel Bunker that, ‘Bethel is going to hell for allowing this man on stage at Bethel,’ according to a Facebook post by Bunker on Jan. 25. ‘Bethel is the host site, not the sponsor of the event,’ Bunker said in the post. ‘The NFL is paying to use the space. The lineup was determined just last week – we had no say in who was performing’.”  And in a follow up article said, Campus ministries dean Laurel Bunker posted on Facebook Jan. 25 that people think ‘Bethel is going to hell for allowing this man on stage at Bethel.'”

However, on Facebook, Bunker also said, “rather than condemning the man, and Bethel, why not pray for him?” And later, she further clarified on Facebook, “My primary issue was not with the NFL or even Snoop but pharisaical Christians condemning Bethel for allowing the NFL to do the show.”

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