Russell Crowe Definitely Photographed a UFO

Russell Crowe has finally, once and for all, solved the riddle of whether or not mankind is alone in the universe, and he has the photographic evidence to back his thrilling discovery up. After installing a camera in his Sydney office to film fruit bats (Of course. Classic Crowe.) he went back to look over the footage and came across indisputable evidence of extraterrestrial visitors. “UFO?” he asked his Twitter followers, before insisting “THESE ARE REAL!” His Twitter followers weren’t all so sure, with one replying that “It’s a reflection in the glass/window that you’ve parked your camera in front of. Probably a car’s tail light.” Well, every modern marvel is sure to have a doubter or two, but Crowe has at least one fellow believer: Rhys Darby, who plays Murray on Flight on the Conchords. “I’m with you RC,” he tweeted. “Definitely a UFO there” …

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