Richard Linklater Is Considering a ‘Boyhood’ Sequel

Boyhood didn’t win big at the Oscars, but we may not have seen the last of Mason Evans Jr. Filmmaker Richard Linklater spoke with The Q&A Podcast and admitted that he has been thinking about what a possible sequel would look like.

I don’t know if it’s been a combination of finally feeling that this is over or being asked a similar question a bunch over the last year, that I thought, well, I wake up in the morning thinking, ‘the 20s are pretty formative, you know?’” he admitted. “That’s where you really become who you’re going to be.

Of course, part of the charm of Boyhood was that it followed the main character over the course of 12 years, from first grade through high school, and was shot in segments for more than a decade. Linklater said that a sequel, however, “would probably be more accelerated.” At this point, there’s nothing definitive from Linklater about a sequel, but as his Before trilogy has shown, he’s not afraid to revisit characters in different films over the course of many years …

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