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Police Raid Residence of Notorious Egg-Thrower Justin Bieber

For the most part, we stay quiet on Justin Bieber around here. Growing up is hard, and Bieber’s growing up experience has certainly been a little more unusual than most, so we try to cut him some slack while he figures it all out. If up-to-date Justin Bieber news is your thing, you’ve come to the wrong place. But all bets are off when the police are raiding Justin Bieber’s house for eggs, and that’s a thing that’s happening now, so the game has changed. The story is that Bieber egged his neighbor’s house for who even cares why, doing something like $20,000 in damage. And now the police are involved, searching every floor of Downton Bieber for signs of egging, whatever those might be (eggs?). If the story interests you, there are plenty of gossip blogs that will be providing up-to-the-minute information on this very important story. Let us know if it gets interesting …

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