The Pinterest TV Show Nobody Wants Is Happening

Quick. When you think of new, interesting television shows you’d like to watch, what comes to mind? Got something? Well, too bad, because you don’t get to decide. A&E Networks does, and what they want is a Pinterest show.

According to Ad Age the show will be called We’re Moving In and will follow “new housemates using Pinterest as a source of inspiration for everything from paint color to remodeling the kitchen.” Hope you didn’t fall asleep while reading that sentence, because it’s just about the most boring series of words imaginable, rivaled only by this quote from FYI president, Jana Bennet: “By tapping into the highly engaged Pinterest community, we’re able to bring that same unique creativity to the series. We’re Moving In showcases a relatable subject for the majority of viewers regardless of life stage.” So, there you have it. The Pinterest TV show is really happening. Good thing Hook is still on Netflix

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