Original Author Is No Fan of the New ‘Left Behind’ Script

One of the co-authors of the original Left Behind books has weighed in on the script for the new Nicolas Cage-helmed movie, and the reaction isn’t exactly positive. Author Tim LaHaye, who co-wrote the 65-million-copy-selling apocalyptic series with Jerry Jenkins, told The Christian Post, “It’s probably the worst script I’ve ever read. And I’ve read scores of them.” Yikes.

LaHaye went on to say that the movie “has no redemptive value.” We haven’t seen the script, so we can’t speak to its quality, but we do take issue with the idea of the film having no redeeming value. It stars Nicolas Cage; that fact alone should be enough to redeem any action movie, no matter how bad the script is. Has LaHaye not seen National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets? …

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