The New ‘Incredibles 2’ Trailer Shows Elastigirl Taking the Lead

Wednesday night, Disney-Pixar gave Olympics fans a sneak peek at the long-anticipated Incredibles 2.

The trailer hints at a bit of a role-reversal from the original movie, where Bob Par, aka Mr. Incredible, went sneaking off on secret superhero missions while his wife Helen focused on normal civilian family life. In the second installment, it appears Elastigirl will be doing most of the crusading (although not clandestinely as her husband had before)—leaving her husband behind to care for the home.

The sneak peek shows Helen zooming off to distant locales in high-speed chases. Meanwhile, Bob’s biggest fights are staying awake to read to Jack Jack and wrapping his brain around common core math. It’s looking like the winning formula of extraordinary and mundane that made the original a hit over a decade ago.

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The sequel also brings back much of the original cast. Craig T. Nelson returns to voice Mr. Incredible. Frozone is back for this adventure (thank God!), voiced again by Samuel L. Jackson. And Holly Hunter returns to voice Helen Par/Elastigirl.

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