Netflix’s New Cartoon ‘Disenchantment’ Looks Like a Complete Delight

Matt Groening, the animator and writer responsible for cartoon classics like The Simpsons and Futurama, is bringing a new show to Netflix in August: Disenchanted. It looks like a total delight, with rich colors, mouthy characters and a fairy-tale story sure to involve both wit and cheek in equal measure.

Princess Bean is the star of this show, but she’s joined by two sidekicks, Elfo and Luci. In the teaser, Princess Bean makes a less-than-triumphant return to her father’s kingdom. She’s so on the down swing, in fact, that her father doesn’t recognize her, taking shots at her “weak jaw” and “buckteeth” before realizing, oh dang, this isn’t even a guy he’s looking at.

Disenchantment will run for at least 20 episodes. Look for it August 17.

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