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Nas and Drake Among Artists with Lyrics Featured on New Sprite Cans

Sprite is releasing a new line of soda cans featuring lyrics from hip-hop artists Nas, Drake, Rakim and Notorious B.I.G. As part of the “Obey Your Verse” campaign, Sprite chose songs that they say are responsible for “advancing the culture,” focusing on some of the rappers’ more inspirational lyrics including “Living longevity to the destiny” (Nas’ “If I Ruled the World”), “Speak the truth” (Rakim’s “Waiting for the World to End”), “Lyrically I’m supposed to represent (Biggie’s “One More Chance) and “Know yourself, know your worth” (Drake’s “0 to 100”). Sprite’s not the first company to incorporate writing from cultural voices on its packaging; last year, Chipotle began featuring short essays, quotes and stories from writers including Malcolm Gladwell, Amy Tan and Aziz Ansari onto its burrito bags as apart of its “Cultivating Thought” campaign …

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