Watch Kanye Rehearse a Mysterious Gospel Performance In This ‘Special Sunday’ Video

Kanye West is up to something. No surprise there, as he hasn’t not been up to something ever since he exploded onto the pop culture landscape in the early ’00s, but it’s definitely been a rough ride. Lately, Kanye’s behavior has been a little baffling even by his standards, involving a cringe-worthy SNL performance, a head-spinning Oval Office meeting and a series of tweets that, well, see for yourself.

But now he’s up to something else. His wife, Kim Kardashian-West (maybe you’ve heard of her?) popped out an Instagram story of something she called “Sunday Service,” which featured her husband rehearsing with what sure sounds like a gospel choir and what sure looks like frequent collaborator Kid Cudi. Together, they covered some of Kanye’s newer songs (like “Ghost Town” from his latest album), a few stone-cold classics like “Heard ‘Em Say” and even “I’ll Fly Away.” Here’s a handy setlist, put together by NME.

0:00 ‘Heard ‘Em Say’

1:35 ‘Reborn’

3:31 ‘I’ll Fly Away’

4:11 ‘Lift Yourself’

6:15 ‘I Wonder’

8:10 ‘Father Stretch My Hands’

See Also

9:39 [Unreleased song]

10:31 ‘Heard ‘Em Say’

12:19 ‘Violent Crimes’

On Twitter, Kim pretty strongly implied that this won’t be the last Sunday Service. Whether we’ll keep getting these, via low quality behind-the-scenes videos or part of some bigger plan, is anyone’s guess.

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