Nicki Minaj Has Been Secretly Donating Money to a Small Indian Village for Years

It’s time for us to start heralding Nicki Minaj as one of the great celebrity philanthropists of her generation. You may have seen a few weeks ago how she took to Twitter and just started paying the student loans of anyone who could send her a verifiable 4.0 GPA.

She spent most of that night paying off dozens of people’s student loans and tuitions, only cutting it off when she started running low on money (she said she’d do it again in a few months so if you’ve got loans and a solid GPA and you’re not following Nicki, get on that.)

But that’s not her only philanthropic move.

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Apparently, Nicki Minaj has spent the last few years donating money to an unnamed Indian village through her pastor, Lydia Sloley. Over Instagram, Minaj said that her donations have helped provide the village with “a Computer Center, a Tailoring Institute, a Reading Program and 2 WATER WELLS.”

That’s about all Minaj has revealed so far, but it’s always nice when celebrities with unfathomable wealth choose to reach outside of their own circles and use a little of it to make the world a little better.

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