Check Out the War on Drugs’ Gorgeous New Single, ‘Living Proof’

The War on Drugs is back and it’s about time. The warm Philadelphia rock outfit doesn’t miss, with their last two albums A Deeper Understanding and Lost in the Dream serving as some of the best music of their respective release years. Now the band has announced I Don’t Live Here Anymore along with a lovely, gentle lead single called “Living Proof.”

According to the band’s website, I Don’t Live Here Anymore is a “uncommon rock album about one of our most common but daunting processes — resilience in the face of despair,” which certainly sounds timely. Emmett Malloy’s music video is as plaintive as the song, featuring War on Drugs lead singer and guitarist Adam Granduciel traversing Stinson Beach, Florida in a beat up Chevy pickup.

I Don’t Live Here Anymore will drop in October, and feature a global tour. You can check out the dates here.

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