Everything We Can Tell About ‘The Batman’ After The First Look

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is still more than a year out, but he’s dropped some low-lit test footage of Robert Pattinson suited up that gives a few little hints about what to expect from the latest iteration of Gotham’s weirdest billionaire.

Turn the brightness on your screen way up.

Well! It’s not a ton to go off of, but it is a little bit of a different look the batsuit worn by the likes of Ben Affleck and Christian Bale. This suit looks a little more homespun, featuring visible stitching and plate details — closer to the look of the popular Arkham video games than The Dark Knight. The cowl’s also more minimalist because Reeves knows there’s no sense in burying a jawline as sharp as Pattinson’s behind a bat mask.

Just as revealing is the music here, which is apparently part of Michael Giacchino’s official score for the movie. It’s somewhere between Danny Elfman’s kooky gothic suite for the Tim Burton movies and Hans Zimmer’s brooding bombast for the Dark Knight Trilogy — giving off a few Western vibes. We’re into it.

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The Batman also stars Zoe Kravitz, Collin Farrell, Jayme Lawson, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, John Turturro and Peter Sarsgaard. It will release next year.

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