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Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Rooster to Star in a Texas-Style ‘Shark Tank’

Rust Cohle’s stint on True Detective may have come to an end, but a McConaughey will soon rule primetime again. CNBC is reportedly developing a new show starring Matthew McConaughey’s older brother Rooster that Deadline is describing as “Shark Tank for real America.” In West Texas Investors Club, Rooster—who is the wealthy owner of a piping business empire—will be joined by two other Texas millionaires to listen to business ideas from up-and-coming entrepreneurs, who are seeking funding. Sure, the concept may sound familiar, but there is no one like Rooster McConaughey on TV. Crazy stories about Rooster’s Hollywood antics (none of which are safe to link to) have been floating around for years, and he’s known as a colorful character, you know, the type of guy who names his children after his beverages of choice: Miller Lyte and Margarita Olympia. West Texas Investors Club debuts on Aug. 4 …

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