JesseWatch2015: Inside One Man’s Mission to Listen to Nickelback for Charity

The news is everywhere. You’ve surely seen it. Both at home and abroad, there is one name on everyone’s lips, and that name is Jesse Carey. A few weeks ago, Carey came up with a plan so outrageous, he figured it just might work. He would listened to the entire Nickelback catalog all day, every day, for a full week—168 hours straight—to raise money for a Charity:Water project. Crazy? Undoubtedly. Dangerous? Intensely. Doctor advised? Absolutely not, but he is two days into his daunting quest, and has already raised $15,000.

Full disclosure, Jesse Carey is a contributing editor here at RELEVANT and a regular on the RELEVANT Podcast, so while everyone might be talking about it, this is the only place to get the inside scoop on Carey’s rapidly deteriorating sanity. Will he survive? We’ll be the first to know. Is he secretly doing this because he likes Nickelback (as some have theorized?) We doubt it, but we can ask. Will we deliver daily updates to provide a much needed human element to this craze sweeping the globe? You bet your signed Nickelback poster, we will. In the meantime, head over to the Charity:Water page and make a donation. Do not let this man suffer in vain …

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