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Holy Bourne Identity: Dick Grayson Finally Getting His Own Comic Series

He’s been known as a lot of things—Robin, Nightwing and even a few stints posing as Batman himself—but since his first appearance in 1940, Dick Grayson never truly escaped being the quintessential sidekick. Even in his Nightwing series, he remained in his brooding mentor’s long shadow. And now, that’s all about to change. A new comic called Grayson is giving the Boy Wonder his long-deserved day in the sun outside of Gotham City as an international super spy. Now, comic titles come and go, but Grayson is notable in that it’s being co-written by former CIA counter-terrorism operative Tom King, which lends the story some of the credibility comic books are always looking to nail. The first issue will hit shelves in July …

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