The members of Hælos are dedicated to making electronic music organically. In the era of computerized pre-tracks, that may sound like a contradiction, but Hælos meticulously design all of the sounds in their music, using old synthesizers, surround-sound vocals and even sounds recorded on road trips and found in everyday life.

“You get a sense of the room it was made in,” says band member Arthur Delaney. “It’s like you’re standing in the middle of the room and we’re standing around you.” The result is the kind of music you can get lost in, but the members of Hælos hope it ultimately helps bring people together.
“Music is this beautiful way of helping people finding connection with each other, with themselves, with their feelings,” Delaney says. “In that respect, it is spiritual. It’s got that dimension to it.”

Why We Love Them:

The band’s debut album, Full Circle, is immersive, mystical and almost hypnotic. You won’t regret letting it sweep you away.

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