Following Ad Controversy, Nike Has Released a New Commercial Featuring Colin Kaepernick

After releasing a series of stills for the 30th anniversary of their “Just Do It” campaign, Nike has put out a new commercial featuring many of the athletes signed to the campaign, including former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has drawn both rampant support and vicious criticism for his public protests against police brutality and the flaws within the American criminal justice system.

The commercial features the quarterback alongside many other athletes, including LeBron James and Serena Williams. Watch it here:

The ad carries a typical Nike message of pursuing your dreams, but it elevates the typical cinematic sports footage by highlighting many athletes who don’t typically see the spotlight, including street skater Nyjah Huston, NFL star Shaquem Griffin (a college star at the University of Central Florida who reached the NFL despite having only one hand) and skater Lacey Baker.
Kaepernick is the only athlete to speak in the commercial. He provides the voiceover throughout, and closes the spot by speaking to the camera: “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough.”

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