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This Fan Edited ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy Down to a Single 4-Hour Movie

If you thought Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy was a bloated, overly long exercise in battle scenes and dwarf sing-alongs, you are not alone. After all, the three-movie epic is based on a single, 320-page novel. An Internet user that goes by the name “TolkienEditor” has taken it upon themselves to edit down all of the annoying songs, never-ending battles and unnecessary side-plots to turn the nine-hour trilogy into a single, four-hour film. Currently, TolkienEditor’s super-cut is only available through torrent downloads, but hopefully Peter Jackson’s people will come to their senses and just offer this one on BlueRay. What TolkienEditor is doing is illegal, so we can’t support it, but by removing hours of dwarf slapstick, his heart is clearly in the right place …

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