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The Definitive Map of America’s Funniest (and Least Funny) Cities

The Humor Research Lab (which is evidently a real thing) has formulated the Humor Algorithm (which, is also evidently a real thing), to create the definitive list of America’s funniest and least funniest cities. The project was organized by University of Colorado professor Dr. Peter McGraw while researching his book The Humor Code, and is insanely detailed. In addition to looking at geographic factors (number of comedy clubs, the hometowns of comedians, comedy radio stations, etc.), the team also turned to the Internet. They factored in funny Twitter users, visits to meme sites and humorous web searches traced to cities around the country. Chicago, Boston and Atlanta took home the top three spots, followed by Washington D.C. and Portland. You can go here to see the entire list of rankings and learn more about the team’s methodology …

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