Convicted As I Lay Dying Frontman Says He Faked Being a Christian

The strange, sad saga of Tim Lambesis, who was convicted in May for hiring a hitman to assassinate his wife, continues to get sadder. He gave a lengthy, fascinating interview to his longtime friends at Alternative Press which is well worth reading in its entirety, but one fact is picking up steam today that puts his recent tragedy in a slightly different light: he was pretending to be a Christian.

I actually wasn’t the first guy in As I Lay Dying to stop being a Christian. In fact, I think I was the third. The two who remained kind of stopped talking about it, and then I’m pretty sure they dropped it, too. Truthfully, I was an atheist …When kids would want to pray with us after shows, I’d be like, ‘Um, go ahead and pray!’ I would just let them pray. I’d say ‘Amen.’ If praying while I have my hand on their shoulder makes them feel better, I didn’t want to take that away from them.

The way he talks in past-tense makes you wonder if he’s since re-committed to being a Christian, but he never says so explicitly. Lambesis will be spending the next six years in prison for soliciting an undercover police officer to kill his wife …

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