Apple’s Rumored ‘Smart Home’ Techonology Sounds Pretty Cool

According to a report in Financial Times, Apple is preparing to unveil a new “Jetson‘s-style” platform, that will sync home appliances with iOS technology. At the Worldwide Developer Conference on June 2, the tech giant is expected to announce a new series of products that will allow users to control lights, security systems, garage doors and devices throughout their homes with iPhones and iPads. The news comes just months after Google made their first major push into the smart home space, purchasing the thermostat company Nest for a whopping $3.2 billion (and may or may not be planning to run ads on them). Back in November, Apple filed a patent for a network that would let users control electronics through their home with mobile devices. Is anyone else just a little bummed that Apple just skipped right over the Jetson’s flying cars or robot dogs and instead focused on remote-controlled lights? …



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