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The Ability to Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone May Soon Be a Reality

A company called Ossia Inc. has unveiled a new device that may soon allow consumers to charge their smartphones wirelessly. And, unlike some other wireless, battery-charging systems, for the “Cota” charger, devices like smartphones don’t have to be in close proximity to the transmitter. The system, which the company hopes to make available to consumers by 2015, works at a range of about 30 feet—meaning, the charger could work much like your wireless router does. How does it work? According to Gizmag, the Cota “uses intelligently steered phased array antennas to focus a beam of microwaves on a receiver module.” It sounds a little complicated, but over on Gizmag, there are a handful of diagrams that show the science behind the technology. In other words, never worry about your iPhone dying in the middle of an epic game of Candy Crush again …

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