Ten Love Songs You’ve Never Heard of

Ten sappy love songs that will help you on your way.

Eat Out—don’t Pig Out

When I moved into my first apartment, my mother so thoughtfully bought me a full…

Lessons From The Third Shift

Finding God when everything else is quiet.

Life After Childhood Divorce

RELEVANT covers growing up after a divorce and building marriage on a firm foundation.

If Only I Could See A Little Further Ahead

[BY J.L. EUBANKS] When living in Oakland, my lifestyle was set up in such a…

Scared Of Being Dumped On

Being scared of what life might be and remembering that the creator hasn’t given up on Eden.

I’m Going Crazy

[BY KAREN HUBER] It was in a restaurant, Cartons, when it happened, when I ceased…

Depressed And Fighting For Life

[BY JENNIFER ASHLEY] My friend Derek—he’s a firefighter outside of Boston I met a few…

Only The Lonely


The Gay Issue Revisited

RELEVANT covers the voiced responses from RELEVANT readers to the question How should a Christian respond when a close friend is gay?

Day In The Life Of A Faithful Junkie

[BY KATHRYN GRAHAM] I want to throw up. It’s Sunday afternoon, and I need to…

Living The American Dream

Are we living according to our culture’s standards or what God calls us for.

Mmm … Sleep

The importance of rest in our lives and the gift that it is.

No, It’s Not Ok

[BY BOBBY KIM] Back in preschool, stealing He-Man figures from snot-nosed Stevie was wrong, as…

Dealing With Economic Change

How to cope with economic change.

Wedding Trend Vs. Tradition

Christine Skultety discusses planning your wedding.

For Better Or Not So Bad

Josh Hatcher discusses what it means to be married and God’s call on our life.


I paused to check out my reflection as I approached the glass door, and I…


I paused to check out my reflection as I approached the glass door, and I…

Undies On The Line

I have to admit, I just like the sound of it. Undies on the line.…

Grow Up And Give Up

Twenty years from kindergarten, and we’re still publicly bombarded by one inquiry: “What do you…

A Stranger’s Love

When I was a little boy, around 3 or 4, my parents would send me…