Mental Health: A Christian Perspective

Mental health is big business in America today. From the kid next door on Ritalin…

Cheap Ways To Give Gifts

Ways to give give gifts on the cheap.

It’s Everywhere: Sex In Media

Sex in the media offers Christians a chance to step in and begin healing.

The 411 On 401(k)

The basics of benefits and an introduction to the 401k.

More Cheap Ways To Travel

Finding cheap ways to travel.

Lessons From A Vineyard

The value of patience and what God can teach us while we are in the process.

I Hate Stupid People

Learning to love others in their differences though we might not be comfortable with the idea.

Growing Up In The Fast Lane

Growing up in the fast lane.

Cheap Ways To Travel

Finding more cheap ways to travel.

Positive Thinking About Finance

If you find yourself financially frustrated, it starts with the way you think.

Mock-a-ritas And Nod-a-coladas

For those who like fun drinks but don’t want to get drunk, here are tasty…

Mexican Getaway: Puerto Vallerta

Mexican Getaway: Puerto Vallerta

Managing Money & Your Honey

RELEVANT looks at managing money and your marriage.

Temptations Of The Free T-shirt

The temptation of spending money, and money you don’t have.

The Art Of Smoothie-making

While the origins of the smoothie will always remain a mystery, we know they could…

Solomon Described My Marriage

Relationships are complex and so is really learning how to love.

Get Grad School For Free

Finding a way to make graduate school much cheaper.

How To Give More Than Money

Learning to give more than just money.

I’m A Workaholic

I’m a workaholic. Many people probably don’t think so because I have no income at…

Is Consumerism Consuming Us?

Recognizing that we all have the potential to become consumer gluttons.

New Cars: A Trap?

RELEVANT look s at the perils of buying a new car.

The Blessing And Curse Of Roommates

RELEVANT talks on the blessing and curse of roommates and how we grow from such people in our lives.

The New Urban Family

Consider the shows “Friends,” “Seinfeld” and “Sex and the City.” These shows feature the lives…

Savoring Life At The Pacific Ocean

It is 6:00 in the morning. A glaze keeps covering my eyes every few times…

Fear In The Flesh, But Savor The Soul


How Death Affects The Living

HOW DEATH AFFECTS THE LIVING [BY G. RUSSELL MCCARTY] It snowed this morning. The blanket…

Ten Love Songs You’ve Never Heard of

Ten sappy love songs that will help you on your way.

Eat Out—don’t Pig Out

When I moved into my first apartment, my mother so thoughtfully bought me a full…

Lessons From The Third Shift

Finding God when everything else is quiet.

Life After Childhood Divorce

RELEVANT covers growing up after a divorce and building marriage on a firm foundation.

If Only I Could See A Little Further Ahead

[BY J.L. EUBANKS] When living in Oakland, my lifestyle was set up in such a…

Scared Of Being Dumped On

Being scared of what life might be and remembering that the creator hasn’t given up on Eden.

I’m Going Crazy

[BY KAREN HUBER] It was in a restaurant, Cartons, when it happened, when I ceased…

Depressed And Fighting For Life

[BY JENNIFER ASHLEY] My friend Derek—he’s a firefighter outside of Boston I met a few…

Only The Lonely


The Gay Issue Revisited

RELEVANT covers the voiced responses from RELEVANT readers to the question How should a Christian respond when a close friend is gay?

Day In The Life Of A Faithful Junkie

[BY KATHRYN GRAHAM] I want to throw up. It’s Sunday afternoon, and I need to…

Living The American Dream

Are we living according to our culture’s standards or what God calls us for.

Mmm … Sleep

The importance of rest in our lives and the gift that it is.

No, It’s Not Ok

[BY BOBBY KIM] Back in preschool, stealing He-Man figures from snot-nosed Stevie was wrong, as…