Sean Carasso // Falling Whistles

When Sean Carasso found himself in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he’d already spent time…

The Simplicity of Justice: Turning Right Instead of Left

I turned right instead of left. That’s all I did, and it made all the…

A Diary of Change

It’s our first day in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The streets are littered with merchants, temples…

Collateral Damage

Barrel bombs go off all around me with shuddering explosions that shake my body. Face…

The Lost Kids

“When I look back at my personal ‘graduating class’ from the orphanage, there were 16…

To Give, or Not to Give to the Homeless?

Andrew Schwab writes a column for RELEVANT about how we can think about homelessness—especially peoples’ motives.

Leaving Behind Her Mother’s Burden

Violet Nkandu, 32, is a widow and a mother of six: four girls and two…

The Tide is Turning

Meet a woman named Agnes. Agnes is a mother living with HIV/AIDS in Kampala, the…

Schaun Colin // Oceans of Mercy

“The first time I went back to South Africa as a Christian, I saw my…

How AIDS Revealed the Hole in My Gospel

I get moved by stats more than individual stories. I’m kind of weird that way—I…

Running from Apathy

Desalech literally wanted to die. “I wept day and night,” she told me. “I kept…

The Alien

Kani Ibrahim Mohamed sits perched on a chair with her black and gold gown covering…

The End of Poverty?

An article examining the use of microfinance loans and whether they could mean the end of poverty.

Neighorbood Ministries of Hope

Twenty-five years ago, Kit Danley decided the inner city was where God was calling her,…

Beauty Among Ashes

When you first hear of the violent atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you…

Introducing The Klash

Maybe it started with the “sweatshop-free” pitch of American Apparel. Maybe those ubiquitous yellow LIVESTRONG…

Tad Agoglia // First Response Team of America

The almost daily images of tornadoes, storms and floods that sweep across our nation are…

Reject Your Apathy

Here’s a tip. The best place to watch Hotel Rwanda for the first time is…

God’s Chosen Fast

Manihoor squints into the bright Bangladesh sun and wipes her forehead, pausing before stacking more…

In the Red

The air felt thick, like a suffocating blanket—I know, because I not only felt it…

Uncover Your Eyes, Become a Disciple

Chris Foster writes a column for RELEVANT about not closing our eyes to the problems and brokenness in the world.

Finding Jesus in the CRACK House

In a column for RELEVANT, Chris Rule takes a look at a ministry called the CRACK House helping addicts and the community in Columbus, OH.

The Possibilities of Abortion Reduction

Jonathan Merritt writes about abortion reduction in this article for RELEVANT magazine, looking past the pro-life/pro-choice dichotomy.

Poverty is Also a Mindset

Chris Foster talks about the root cause of poverty—and overcoming them—in this blog for RELEVANT.

Where Am I Wearing: Shopping Tips

How should we pick our clothes? Kelsey Timmerman provides some helpful shopping tips in his Where Am I Wearing blog for RELEVANT.

Converting Wine into Water

RELEVANT looks at the charity Wine to Water, which hosts wine-tasting parties as a way to raise money for stopping the water crisis.

Cambodian Tarantula: Food for Thought

In his regular blog for RELEVANT, Chris Foster talks about eating tarantulas—and the need for action.

Where Am I Wearing: Baby Clothes

Kelsey Timmerman explores his baby’s clothes and finds they mostly come from China—except for one special dress.

Where Am I Wearing

Kelsey Timmerman’s Where Am I Wearing Wednesday column for RELEVANT takes a look at the blue jeans industry in Cambodia.

The Problem of Injustice

Chris Foster explores Year One in Cambodia and how the local church needs to help its community and not stand idly by in times of turmoil. Foster writes a Reject Apathy column for RELEVANT.

Two Days in Kenya with ONE

RELEVANT looks at the recent ONE trip to Kenya with the ONE Campus Challenge, where they looked at problems ranging from HIV/AIDS to government corruption.

Behind Hurley’s Walk for Change

RELEVANT goes behind the scenes of Walk the Walk, Hurley Surfwear’s fashion show to fund raise to support creativity in school.

Sex Is Not a Trade

Chris Foster looks at the sex trade in Cambodia and calls on Christians to respond with action.

Where Am I Wearing Wednesday: The Skill is Gone

Kelsey Timmerman thinks about sustainable buying habits–and buying American–in his weekly Where Am I Wearing Wednesday column for RELEVANT.

The Gospel on the Street

Brenton Diaz explores a ministry to people on the street in this article from RELEVANT.

In the Long Run

RELEVANT talks about Running for Awareness, a way to Reject Apathy about depression and addiction.

Where Am I Wearing Wednesday: The Faces and Families Behind the Labels

I’m haunted by garment workers. When I put on a shirt I see faces and…

The “Missionary” Label

Another installment of Chris Foster’s Reject Apathy column about missionary life in Cambodia. He discusses what being a missionary means and staying encouraged while overseas.

Where Am I Wearing Wednesday: A Fresh Look at “Made in Italy”

Another installment of Kelsey Timmerman’s Where Am I Wearing Wednesday column for RELEVANT. This week, he talks about his Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses that were Made in Italy.

Local Eating, Global Impact

Many Christians are often quick to oppose any idea that is supported by the group…