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Internet Explorer Users Dumb?

A new, probably-not-very-scientific poll suggests that users of Internet Explorer have below-average intelligence compared to users of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Now Your Car Can Get Hacked

Two white hat hackers (meaning they don’t hack maliciously, but work with company to repair security flaws) discovered they could use their phones to hack into a networked car, unlock the doors and start the car.

False Alarm, Cell Phones Don’t Cause Tumors

For years, there have been studies regarding the link between cell phones and cancer. The most recent says there is no evidence to support this theory.

Guess We’ll Get Rid of that DeLorean

Working from Einstein’s theory that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, physicists in Hong Kong say they’ve proven that time travel is impossible.

Do You Have a Tech Addiction?

A new study finds that, more and more, our use of technology looks like addiction.

We No Longer Have to Bare All to Get on a Plane

The TSA has repeatedly come under fire in the past couple years, specifically for their body scanners that some believed a violation of privacy. Well, they’ve now made a compromise travelers can be happy with: full-body scanners that still supply a thorough outline without exposing a naked image

OS X Lion Available Now

If you currently have an older version of Apple’s Mac OS X, you might be interested to know the latest version, dubbed Lion, is now available from the Mac App Store for $30.

iPhone 4 Survives Skydiving Fall

It’s unlikely that a human being would survive a skydiving accident—but their iPhone might. Such was the case when Jarrod McKinney’s iPhone 4 fell out of his pocket at 13,500 feet.

Uncloaking Assassin’s Creed

Jett Farrell-Vega writes about the Assassin’s Creed series and the difficult questions it can raise about the Christian faith.

Unsuprising Computer News

Using computers is changing how our memories work.

Google Now Knows Even More About You

Google has officially launched What Do You Love?, which is basically a more thorough version of the regular Google search engine. Rather than receiving only top search results, you’ll get a customized page that pulls together maps, products, group discussions, contacts, videos and other resources related to your interest.

Netflix Angers Everyone

Netflix gave some of its customers a rude surprise late yesterday when they unveiled a new pricing structure that raises the price of a DVD and streaming plan to almost $16 per month.

Nook Dethrones Kindle

Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color has officially dethroned’s Kindle as the most popular e-reader.

Facebook Goes Face-to-Face

Facebook had techies drooling in anticipation of an awesome announcement yesterday. The big reveal? Skype video will now be integrated into Facebook Chat, and liking, posting and commenting can now occur within the chat interface.

Korea Thinks of Everything

New technology in South Korea makes it possible to shop for groceries while you wait for your subway. Giant, billboard-sized installations display products like you would see them on a store shelf.

Sorry, New Verizon Users

If you’re thinking about joining Verizon, you might want to weigh your options. The carrier has debuted new, tiered pricing for their data plan.

Mark Zuckerburg is Most Followed Google+ User

There has been much debate over whether Google+ will beat Facebook. But one thing is certain: Mark Zuckerburg is winning at Google+. The Facebook CEO is the most followed user on the new social network

Hydrogen Cars

Remember the days before the Chevy Volt was ever a twinkle in GM’s eye, before…

Japan Forced to Restrict Energy Use

Japan forced to restrict power usage after the loss of the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant hit by the massive March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Somewhere, MySpace Tom is Crying

Poor Myspace, the good idea that totally flopped…Specific Media, an ad-targeting firm, has bought up the site from News Corp. for $35 million.

Photos Show Space is Still Humongous

No matter how you look at it, space is fascinating—and pretty big. This slideshow uses object comparisons, charts and stunning photographs to show just how expansive the size and scope of the universe is.

All-Electric Superbus Goes Superfast

The new, all-electric Superbus, developed by former astronaut Wubbo Ockels, is a 23-passenger bus that has a possible top speed of 155 mph.

What Do You Want to See on RELEVANT?

We’ve got some exciting digital plans up our sleeve (yes, for those who have been asking, a tablet edition is on the way!). But first, we need some help from you. If you take this survey, you play a part in shaping the digital future of RELEVANT. Plus, one lucky survey participant gets a $100 gift card from American Express.

The Real World Lessons of Portal

Drew Dixon writes a column for RELEVANT about the new sequel to Portal and what video games can teach us about real life.

The Case for Cutting the Cable

Let’s face it: cable and satellite TV have gotten too expensive. They keep going up…

The Coolest Tech of 2011 (So Far)

With all due respect to the iPad 2, the coolest gadget of 2011 so far…

Vinyl 101

Vinyl has once again become the coolest way to listen to music (except for you…

Spotted: Unreleased iPad, Out and About

Apple fanatics are in a frenzy (though when are they not?) over what is believed to be an unreleased version of the iPad that appeared at a News Corps press conference on Wednesday.

Redeeming Video Games

Johnmark Smith writes a blog for RELEVANT about how he learned to admit his addiction to video games—and how God redeemed them.

Is Facebook Killing Our Souls?

Shane Hipps writes an article for RELEVANT looking at how Facebook makes us look different at ourselves and our relationships.

Why Social Media Is Good for Us

Caleb Gardner writes a tech blog for RELEVANT about how social media and Facebook can actually help Christians communicate with each other and with God.

The Best iPad Cover Ever

Normally we wouldn’t say anything about something as mundane as an iPad cover … but this one transcends the mundanity.

Television Good Enough to Touch

Remember that fancy HDTV you just bought? You know, the one you saved for just…

Sin and Sympathy in Red Dead Redemption

Drew Dixon writes a blog for RELEVANT about the game Red Dead Redemption, and what it says about sin, redemption and sympathy.

Israel Bans iPad

If you’re going to Israel and you want to show off your shiny new iPad, you might want to think again. Israel has banned the sale and import of the new Apple product for not complying with the country’s network rules …

Beating the Video Game Fixation

Drew Dixon writes for RELEVANT about what our fixation with sports video games and competition says about us.

Chasing the Next Big Thing

Chris Haw writes a piece for RELEVANT looking at why Christians ought to be hesitant about the next big thing in technology.

The Future of Cancer Fighting

A group of researchers thinks it may have found an exciting new way to treat…

Traffic Lights + Minority Report = Less Fuel

This article looks at "smart traffic grids" and how they could save fuel by automatically…

MySpace? More Like AdSpace

MySpace has begun selling user data, including blog posts, photos and status updates. It’s within…