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Oh Facebook, How You’ve Grown

Yesterday, Facebook announced massive new changes to its platforms (no, not the ones you’ve already complained about all week—these are new ones to complain about). Here’s a look back at the different iterations of Facebook throughout the years.

One-Third of All Digital Photos Ends Up on Facebook

New figures have shown that a huge percentage of the world’s photographs end up on Facebook, with the social networking giant’s collection of 185 billion photos by world’s end representing one-third of all digital photographs taken this year.

New Study Explains Why Your Hands Hurt

A new study has found that people aged 18-24 send approximately 110 texts per day.

Will Texting Eradicate Voice Calls?

Almost three-quarters of U.S. adults text, and one-third of them actually prefer to be reached via text, rather than receiving voice calls.

One Step Closer to Self-Aware

A French robotics firm has released an update to their Nao robot: he can now recharge himself by walking back to his charging station and plugging in.

Netflix Manages to Confuse Already Annoyed Customers

The CEO of Netflix took to the company blog yesterday to apologize for confusion around the recent price increase … and then announced the DVD service of Netflix will split from the streaming service and will be renamed Qwikster.

The Darkside of Smartphones

Unsurprisingly, Apple has banned this app that shows how many smartphones are made.

Happy 1358th Prime Birthday!

If you are running out of creative ways to say Happy Birthday on Facebook, or are just a math nerd, here are a few other time intervals worth celebrating …

Volvo Goes Touch Screen Happy

The latest concept car from Volvo has not one, not two, but four touch screens in it’s interior.

Americans (Collectively) Spend 100,000 Years on Facebook Each Month

A new study finds that Americans spend a total of 53 billion minutes on Facebook each month, which boils down to approximately 10 minutes per day per person.

Ammonia as Gas?

Two researchers from Texas say they have figured out a way to use ammonia to power cars, and can do so for the equivalent of 70 cents per gallon.

Amazon and 7-11 Team Up

If you’ve ever had a package fail to deliver because you weren’t at home, Amazon feels your pain. They’ve started testing a new partnership with 7-11, where you can select the option to ship your purchase to a locker in a 7-11, accessible via a special PIN.

Iranians Hit by Email Attack

A Dutch Internet security company has reported that multiple security certificates were stolen from it and used in Iran to spy on peoples’ Google accounts.


At the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo, expectations were buzzing about Nintendo’s impending unveiling of its…

Are Apple Employees Really this Forgetful?

Another iPhone prototype was left behind at a bar by an Apple employee. Rather than go to Gawker for $5,000, this one sold on Craigslist for $200.

This Sounds Familiar

Apparently, Apple has lost a prototype of the iPhone 5 in a bar.

Print Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Fuel

Scientists at Tulane University have discovered a way to use a new bacteria to convert paper into fuel that can power cars.

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs, iconic CEO of Apple, Inc. and expert turtleneck-wearer, has announced his resignation as CEO.

Russian Rocket Launch Fails

An unmanned Russian spacecraft crashed just moments after launching when it’s third-stage engine prematurely shut down.

Facebook Decides to Make Stalking Less Easy

If you’re one of the few people who love telling the Facebook world exactly where you and your friends are located, bad news: the check-in service of Facebook places will be phased out in the near future.

Tiny American Quake Generates As Much Twitter Traffic as Japan’s 9.0

Even though it was very rare, yesterday’s East Coast earthquake was a 5.8 on the Richter scale, which meant it did a little damage but really didn’t mess anything up too badly.

There Had Better Be Good Pictures

NASA has released documents showing the new price estimate to launch and support the new James Webb Space Telescope is $8.7 billion.

Well, Duh

Fox recently stopped offering their shows on Hulu the day after they air on TV (there’s now an eight-day delay). And in that week, piracy of Fox’s shows has skyrocketed.

Will the Internet Kill Christianity?

Brandon Peach writes about how the Internet may be responsible for the surge in irreligion and how the Church can respond.

iPad to Release in Early 2012?

In news to shock no one, Apple has begun hardware work on the non-awaited iPad 3, set for release in early 2012.

New Apple HQ is Basically a Spaceship

Plans for the new Apple headquarters have been revealed, and the architecture is as cool as you’d expect.

The Wasted Potential of Video Game Violence

Drew Dixon writes about how video games waste the power of violence and how it can be better used as an art form.

Cross Country in 12 Minutes

The U.S. Military is going to launch an unmanned hypersonic aircraft, capable of traveling 13,000 miles per hour.

Uh Oh …

Looks like hacker group Anonymous is going to try to kill Facebook.

Get Free Coffee, Then Be Nice

If you’re a fan of Starbucks but don’t often have enough money to actually buy it, check out Jonathan’s Card.

But Does It Have a Fixed Gear?

Environmentally-conscious cyclists can soon expect commercial access to grown bikes. The body of this model, designed at Oxford Brookes University, is made up of bamboo and natural fibers.

BMW Unveils Elite Electric Cars

If anyone is going to make electric cars appealing, it’s BMW.

This Phone is Anything but Hands-Free

Ever loved your iPhone enough that you’ve wished you could hold hands with it as you walk down the street? Now, thanks to Japan’s Dokkiri case, you can.

Don’t Mess with Grandma’s NES

Most likely, it takes a good deal of time to explain video games to your great-grandmother. But this 99-year-old woman plays hours of video games each day, sometimes beating her beloved Bomberman twice in 24 hours.

FCC Reports on Internet Speeds

If you suspect your Internet connection speed is actually terrible, you might be right.

The Selfish Network

David Wenell writes about how our networking can often be an objectification of people as a means to an end.

Basically, No Computer is Safe

McAffee security experts recently uncovered one of the biggest cyber attacks in history: an extensive hacking job that targeted 72 organizations, including the United Nations, multiple governments and the International Olympic Committee.

AT&T to “Throttle” Data Speeds of Heaviest Users

AT&T has announced it plans to slow down the data speeds of its heaviest wireless users, likely those who were grandfathered into an unlimited wireless data plan.

Cars Get Wireless Charging

A company called Evatran has developed a wireless charging system for electric cars, replacing the plug-in needs of most of today’s models.

Facebook Adds Pregnancy Status Option

Facebook has now added an Expecting option for users to announce their pregnancies, as well as a place to specify the due date.