Tech & Gaming

One Step Closer to an Actual Banana Phone

An the most impractical iPhone accessory yet goes to this series of cases that look like different foods.

Google Music Officially Launches

Yesterday afternoon, Google announced the official public launch of Google Music, which acts a lot like iTunes and Amazon MP3.

New Augmented Reality System Means the Future Is Now

A researcher in Japan has developed an amazing training tool that uses augmented reality to show novice workers techniques to solve difficult work problems.

Is This 6th Grader the Next Steve Jobs?

Thomas Suarez is an app developer who recently delivered a TED Talk at a conference in Manhattan Beach. He’s also still in the 6th grade.

More Hacking Drama for Gamers

Today videogame maker Valve (maker of blockbuster titles like Half-Life and Portal) revealed that their online games delivery system, Steam, was hacked and some credit card data may have been compromised.

Except for the Shape, This Is Awesome

A while back, Nokia unveiled a bendable screen that could be used in a phone. And now they’ve put that technology to use in this new prototype that bends, stretches and twists to give you tactile control over ever part of your phone.

Finally, Every Fantasy Novel Comes True

A scientist in Texas has developed a way to make threads that turn invisible.

T-Shirt + Microfiber + $90 = T-Shirt that Cleans Your Screens

Despite their crazy high price tag, these t-shirts are on to something. Each shirt has three stripes of microfiber material that cleans the screens of your phone or other device and can wipe away any dirt from your glasses.

There is What on My Cell Phone?!

If you’d like to know just how many germs are on your keyboard, cell phone and remote control, well, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Barnes & Noble Announces New Tablet

Barnes & Noble has announced their entry into the world of tablets: the Nook Color eBook reader.

Take the Car, I’ll Keep My Computer

The Internet is no longer an accessory to daily life, but a necessity. A report from Cisco shows more than half of respondents claim they couldn’t live without the Internet in their daily life.

Someone Please Notify Jeff Daniels

If you have either technophobia or arachnophobia or a terrible mixture of both, this robotic spider is most likely your worse nightmare.

Millions Still Love the Sweet Sound of Dialup

Somehow AOL still has 3.5 million dialup subscribers.

Siri, Make Ads for Whitney Disappear

Apple is apparently working on a TV that will be voice-controlled using the technology developed for the voice-activated personal assistant in the iPhone 4S, Siri.

Google Street View Heads Inside

Google has unveiled a new project where businesses can sign up to have Google use their street view cameras to show the inside of stores within Google Maps.

Siri Would Hate Braveheart

Siri, the new voice-controlled personal assistant for the iPhone 4S, apparently can’t understand the accent of Scottish English speakers.

Netflix Loses Subscribers Much Qwikster than Expected

Probably because of a past few months of epic PR blunders, Netflix has lost over 800,000 subscribers in this last quarter.

Google Street View, Train Edition

Google recently reached an agreement with the United National Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to take pictures of world heritage sites for use in the Google Street View service. One of those heritage sites is a train route in Switzerland that winds through the Alps. In order to capture it, a street view camera (with an operator!) traveled on an open-air, flatbed train car.

Creators of Rdio Announce Netflix Competitor

If you, like every other Netflix subscriber, are tired of the company’s insane flip-flopping (what is a Qwikster, anyway?), you might soon have another option. The creators of music service Rdio (and Skype) have announced a new video streaming site called Vdio

Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space Is Open

Virgin has announced their new hub for space travel, the Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space, is complete and open for business.

Millions of People Now in Love with Siri

The iPhone 4S first reached the doorsteps of eager customers this past Friday, but its debut has already proved to be record-breaking.

Warping the Message

Jeff Goins expounds on the theory that the medium is the message and how that affects the way we give and receive information—especially in our faith.

Baby Proves iApocalypse Is At Hand

It’s almost always cute when babies learn to use technology—it always elicits They’re just like little people! reactions. So this video (embedded below) of a little girl who thinks magazines should work like an iPad is very cute.

Walking Hasn’t Been This Cool Since L.A. Gear

New sidewalks made up of recycled rubber slabs will convert the kinetic energy from pedestrians’ footsteps into electricity.

You Know, iOS5 Is Pretty Great …

So, Blackberry users, this week has been pretty rough, huh.

Qwikster Is No More

Remember when Netflix decided they hated their customers and announced a split into two companies? Yeah, that’s not happening anymore.

What the New Myspace Should Be

In 2008, MySpace hit a dubious landmark: It was taken over by Facebook in overall…

Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs

Kristin Tennant shares 4 valuable lessons about life—and faith—that she learned from the life of Steve Jobs.

Scientists Turn to Gamers

A group of video game players has helped scientists identify 69 potential planets that could sustain life, using a game-based research tool.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the visionary former (and co-founding) CEO of Apple, Inc., has passed away at the age of 56.

Monkeys Control Virtual Arm Via Brain Waves

Scientists have developed a program that lets monkeys control a virtual arm with brain waves, which they say could help paraplegics through the development of wearable exoskeletons.

Apple Predicts Its Own Future

Yesterday, the Internet almost exploded trying to anticipate and digest Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 4S. One of the most touted features of the phone is a voice assistant dubbed Siri, which honestly seems like magic. But did you know they predicted Siri back in 1987 (they also kind of predicted the iPad)?

Wikipedia Shuts Down Italian Site in Berlusconi Protest

The Italian-language version of Wikipedia has shut down in protest of a new law proposed by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government which would make it possible for the government to fine bloggers for not removing certain posts.

Apple Talks iPhone, But Not the One You Thought

If you were holding out for an iPhone 5 this October, you’re probably pretty disappointed with today’s less-than-exciting Apple announcement.

Ads Have Gone to the Dogs … Seriously

Nestle, the largest dog food maker, has released a TV ad specifically geared toward dogs, using a high frequency tone to get their attention.

Good News for Desktop Wallpapers Everywhere

A new antenna in Chile has been activated, and some astronomers say the new device will enable astronomers to see the universe as never before.

Kindle Fire Takes Aim at Apple’s iPad

Yesterday, announced their new tablet computer, dubbed the Kindle Fire.

Angry Birds Is Bigger than Mario

In a testament to their stranglehold on popular culture, Angry Birds has now sold more copies than the Mario franchise.

Does Technology Divide Us?

Kristin Tennant writes about the power of technology to custom create everything from our friends to our news—and how this can polarize us.

Movie Studios Learn There Is Thing Called “Internet”

After years of depending on DVD sales and home video sales, movie studios are realizing the industry is swiftly changing to online streaming and cheap, fast kiosks like Redbox. So, naturally, they’re going to try to strangle those services and instead make their own that will cost a lot more money.