Tech & Gaming

An Electric Bike for Urban Dwellers

The BOXX Corporation has debuted a new electric bike, which is really a tiny electric scooter.

Megaupload Contents to Be Deleted on Thursday

After the U.S. Justice Department shut down file-sharing site Megaupload a couple of weeks ago, many people wondered what would happen to all of the data already on the site.

“Google Thinks I’m a What?”

A new Google feature offers its best guess at your age and gender, based on your browsing history.

EU Debuts Foldable Car

The European Union debuted a new foldable car that was previously just a theoretical design from MIT. The car folds up so three vehicles can fit in a single standard parking spot.

Google’s Most Ironic New Data Center

Google needs huge server centers in order to store and access the massive amounts of data it deals with every day. One of the newest server centers is in Finland … and is a former paper mill that went out of business because of a drop in demand for newspapers and printed news.

4D Amusement Park Turns Heads in South Korea

A new theme park in South Korea is getting buzz for its ability to create interactive tech experience for each visitor.

Google Ignites New Privacy Fears

Google has announced that it plans to merge your online identity across all of its platforms, meaning your personal accounts will change your search results.

Facebook Proves Valuable in Europe

In the past year, Facebook has contributed $15.3 billion to the European economy, as well as 230,000 jobs.

Google+ Now Allows Pseudonyms

After initially making users create Google+ profiles with their real names, the company will now allow users to use aliases.

Government Shuts Down Megaupload

The federal government has shutdown Megaupload, a file-sharing site that was used for quickly sharing large files of both legal and illegal varieties, and arrested four people in leadership at the site.

Support for PIPA and SOPA Deteriorates

Apparently, yesterday’s mass Internet protests (from the likes of Google, Wikipedia and Reddit) must have had an effect.

New App Allows Post-Mortem Facebook Use

A morbidly intriguing new app allows users to compose their final Facebook status in advance.

Half the Web Goes Dark to Protest SOPA

If you visited Reddit, Wikipedia, Google or several other websites around the Internet today, you likely noticed something different: The sites either don’t work or they’re blacked out by censor bars.

Protesting For … Tech?

Protests have been all over the news in the last year. In fact, Time magazine’s person of the year was even The Protester.

Discovering How Internet Addiction Changes the Brain

Scientists have uncovered new research that shows how people who act like addicts to the Internet may actually have different brain chemistry.

Samsung Debuts “Future-Proof” TV

Samsung has introduced a new TV they say will be able to have its hardware updated, making it possible to purchase one TV without worrying about it going out of date.

Is There Anything Tebow Can’t Do?

In addition to leading the Denver Broncos to an overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers (though, let’s give credit to the stiff-arming ability of Damaryius Thomas), Tim Tebow also set a record for most sports-related tweets per second.

The Domain Name that Makes Little Boys Giggle

Companies will pay a lot of money to secure the appropriate domain name for their web site—even if that name is dudu.

Pirate Your Neighbor as Yourself

File-sharing isn’t just a hobby or an illegal activity anymore—it’s now an official religion in Sweden.

Of Course the First Thing He Did Was Pet a Cat

This video (embedded below) is pretty crazy. An inventor used a Kinect, two Wiimotes and some other tech gear to modify a robot to mirror his actions.

The 16th Century: The Birth of Social Media?

This intriguing article links draws parallels between our Facebook frenzies and movements of the past.

Man Spends $16,000 on Virtual Sword

A Chinese man with apparently too much time and money on his hands has paid $16,000 for a virtual sword that is playable in a video game that’s not even out yet.

The Gospel of Video Games

Jordan Ekeroth writes about the tension Christians feel toward video games—either to dismiss them or over-spiritualize them—and how artists can move past that.

We’re Shocked It Wasn’t “Kittens Playing Piano”

A new study says Facebook was the most searched term of 2011.

Why Can’t We Be Friends? Oh Yeah …

This amazing graph shows why people friend and defriend one another on Facebook.

Mind-Reading Computers Are Coming. Yes, Seriously

IBM says that mind-reading and mind-controlled computers are only five years away. In its rudimentary form, it means we’ll be able to control a pointer without the need for a mouse.

Everyone Who’s Tech Savvy Is So Happy

Google Chrome has now taken over Internet Explorer as the world’s most popular browser.

Is Twitter the Death of Writing?

Ben Stevens shares four reasons keeping a journal has never been more important in the age of social media.

Google Given Patent for Driverless Car “Landing Strip”

Google has been granted a patent for a system that will help automatically park driverless cars.

Crazy EU Internet Stats

Apparently, more than 100 million people in the European Union have never surfed the Internet, especially in the poorer countries in the South and East of Europe.

Google Its Top 10 Searches of 2011

If there’s any one way to see what was at the center of culture in a given year, it’s by analyzing Google search terms. In 2011, the most Googled term was, um, Rebecca Black.

17-Year-Old Girl Invents Nanoparticle to Kill Cancer

A 17-year-old California girl won $100,000 in a national science competition for her creation of a nanoparticle that can target and kill cancer cells.

Understatement of 2011

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, said his company was overconfident with the number of changes they tried to make in 2011.

19 Years of LOLz

Nineteen years ago today, the first text message was sent (it said Merry Christmas).

Is Siri Pro-Life?

Numerous reports are suggesting that Siri, the new voice-controlled personal assistant on the iPhone 4S, is unable to find any results whenever you ask her to find an abortion clinic.

Facebook Introduces New Privacy Officer

Facebook has introduced new Chief Privacy Officers for both its products and its policies.

Prius + iPhone = This Car

Toyota has unveiled a crazy new concept car just ahead of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. The car, dubbed the Fun-Vii, converts the two side panels of the car into giant touchscreens.

Samsung – 1, iPhone Fanboys – 0

The loyalty of iPhone users has been the butt of the joke on tech blogs and in dinnertime conversations for years. This time, it’s the basis for a new Samsung ad.

Just a Thought for Black Friday

If you’re shopping with your cell phone this holiday season, there’s a chance your movements are being tracked.

Now Hiring—in Space

Looking for a job? Here’s one more addition to the short list of available jobs: NASA recently put out an open call for new astronauts.