Kelsey Timmerman


Kelsey Timmerman is a writer who focuses on globalization, travel, the outdoors, adventure and what it means to be a Touron (moron + tourist) in worlds of clashing cultures. He is the author of Where Am I Wearing? which was recently re-released with updates on the lives of the workers and two new chapters about searching for the worker in Honduras who started it all.

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A River Runs Denim

In his Where Am I Wearing Wednesday column for RELEVANT, Kelsey Timmerman tackles the topic of toxic dumping from denim companies in the country of Lesotho.

Where Am I Wearing: Shopping Tips

How should we pick our clothes? Kelsey Timmerman provides some helpful shopping tips in his Where Am I Wearing blog for RELEVANT.

Where Am I Wearing Wednesday: The Skill is Gone

Kelsey Timmerman thinks about sustainable buying habits–and buying American–in his weekly Where Am I Wearing Wednesday column for RELEVANT.