Joy Bennet


Joy grew up in a Christian home, and should know the answers to all the usual faith questions, but she doesnÕt. She has delivered four babies, handed two over to heart surgeons in the hall outside an operating room, and buried one in a cemetery just a few miles from her home. She has no idea how she managed to marry a man who would love her and their kids through all of the upheaval, but she did. She has been writing since the second grade and blogging since 2005. You can keep up with her on her blog and follow her on Twitter.

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The Trouble With a Cause-and-Effect God

News reporters love to pick up on the latest inflammatory statement by those who call themselves Christians, just as fast as Christians like to disassociate from them. But the recent controversy surrounding representative Bob Marshall’s comments on disability is worth paying attention to, but not for reasons you might think.