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Ben Lowe is on staff with the Evangelical Environmental Network and also serves as the National Spokesperson of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. A dedicated activist and organizer, Ben was born and raised a missionary kid in Southeast Asia, where he experienced firsthand the impacts of poverty and pollution. He now lives in a refugee and immigrant neighborhood in the Chicagoland area where he ran for U.S. Congress in 2010. Ben is the author of Green Revolution: Coming Together to Care for Creation (IVP 2009) and previously served as National Coordinator for the student creation care network, Renewal.

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A Better Kind of Disaster Relief

Yesterday’s Senate vote on Sandy aid posed an interesting dilemma: provide much-needed support for Hurricane Sandy victims or withhold aid and so avoid worsening our nation’s debt? Meanwhile, our society is burning through both money and natural resources that our generation is going to have to somehow find a way to pay for. So, what do we do?

The New Move on Immigration Reform

Whatever your views on immigration, all parties agree—it’s complicated. And now, with Congress in talks about an immigration policy overhaul, opinions are heating up. Here’s a few things to consider when it comes to observing the law and loving the stranger and sojourner.

Why This Election Isn’t Just About Abortion

Both sides in American politics are currently trying hard to convince their base that this…

The Biggest Problem With the Debates (and How to Fix It)

The biggest—most disappointing—problem we’re facing in the presidential debates so far? The lying. The whole…

Remembering a Reluctant Hero

In this column, Ben Lowe remembers the little known but very steadfast Larry Gibson, a resident of the Appalachian Mountains who devoted his life to protecting the mountains he loved, and who motivated churches to join him.

When the Ugliness Gets Personal

With just over two months to go before the election, most sane people are thoroughly…

The Next Great Moral Movement

In my last column, “Three Numbers that Predict the Future of the Planet”, I wrote…

Three Numbers that Predict the Future of the Planet

The science on climate change is turning in real numbers on where we, as a planet, are at, as well as where we are going. In his first of two columns on the subject, Ben Lowe talks about the math of Global Warming, and proposes some real methods of fixing it.

The Audacity of Faithfulness

Ever wondered what it’d actually be like to throw your hat into the political ring? Fed up with the current system, our columnist, Ben Lowe, decided to run for Congress and take to task all the broken and partisan politics that had been infuriating him (and us) for so long. What he learned in his run surprised and sobered him, and was a good reminder of exactly what it means to be salt in light in divided country.

Where Are the Candidates on Climate Change?

Recently, both presidential candidates have kept quiet about their views on climate change. In his debut column, Ben Lowe says that’s a problem.