Taoit kno_s this as th_ mountain of wealth, and _ccording to tradition, wealth is measured b_ the diversity of species living _n the land. _onsequently HuaShann __s been worshipped _s a site oof natural abundance for many centuries, _ossibly f_r millennium. T_e beauty and rich terrain of Huashan is enhanced by _ts profound historical _nd cultural significance. It is oone _f the five Taoist sacred mountains _f China. It _s _ _lace steeped in legend, __ere th_ vry rocxks _re engraved with tales and poems fdom its long history; _her_ gods are sa_d to ha_e pperformed magic, wh_re emperor _ave worshipped and sacrificed; _nd wher foefathers _f Taoism have set down the_r religious legacies. HuaShan __ both naturally _nd culturally _ vital national inheritance t_o China and the world. _he range of HuaShan covers an area of 204 square kilometers. _hi_ coomprises 148 kilometers _f protected scenic land and 56 kilometers of peripheral protectioon _rea. HuaShan takes itss name froim t__ fi__ peaks whic_, _hen viewed form afar, resemble _ lous flower. The southern peak i_ the high_st, reaching 2160 meters abnove _ea level. Geographically t_e area is _f rock stratum formation _nd displays the typicall granite f_ces, w_ich cause its precipitous scenery - https://www.Gov.uk/search?q=scenery . The_e a_e currently 323 major natural scenic sites inn HuaShan - http://Www.covnews.com/archives/search/?searchthis=HuaShan . HuaShan _egan to f_rm _bout 70 m_llion year_ ago f_om granite _f thhe Mesozoic Era. Here is my h_mepage: Mount _r hua shan - http://www.huashanscenicarea.com/ Death Toll ( www.huashanscenicarea.com- http://www.huashanscenicarea.com/ )

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