Writer Dye: Deux or Die (RELEVANT Exclusive)

About the Artist

Deux or Die is the second release in Playdough's Writer Dye series. It's a project that has Playdough reimagining lyrics from iconic songs of multiple genres and molding them into entirely different songs. Playdough reinterprets songs from Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Queen, Modest Mouse, Digable Planets, The Beatles, Bon Iver, The Strokes and other classics. Writer Dye features top shelf appearances from OhNo, Von Pea (Tanya Morgan), Copywrite, Theory Hazit and Adeem. Expect a strong emphasis on songwriting as Playdough continues to challenge his own wordplay and delivery. It's an artistic approach to songs you probably know, but what other emcee could flip this concept like Playdough does? 

1. Cold N Play (3:35)
2. Mouse's Modesty (3:12)
3. Stoke of Genius with Copywrite (3:5)
4. BeatleJuice (3:48)
5. Cash Rules Everything (3:57)
6. King Of Queens (3:40)
7. Bob Dylan produced by OhNo (3:19)
8. From A DigablePlanet with Von Pea (3:3)
9. A to Zeppelin (3:49)
10. Jon Bon Iver with Adeem (3:53)
11. It's A Cold War, Kids (RELEVANT Exclusive) (3:4)
12. 2 Brothers From Springfield (RELEVANT Exclusive) (2:51)


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