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It’s been nearly 20 years since multiple Platinum and GRAMMY Awards winning band Jars of Clay (Dan Haseltine, Stephen Mason, Charlie Lowell and Matthew Odmark) released their debut Frail. Students at the time, Jars of Clay once again harness the youthful ambition and uninhibited creativity of their beginnings for their 11th studio album, Inland.  Cultivating a maturity in sound with embellishments of violin, horns and ambient melodies that attests two decades of experience, Jars of Clay’s Inland also marks a return to their roots as an independent band. Releasing the album on their own Gray Matters label, the band is shattering some of the preconceived notions built over the years by label marketing strategies. 

“These are songs for the ordinary days–when life is weighty and uncertain,” reflects Odmark. “It is this middle space that we have inhabited over the years. It’s where you and I do the gritty work of actually living.”

1. After The Fight (4:32)
2. Age of Immature Mistakes (3:53)
3. Reckless Forgiver (3:52)
4. Human Race (3:57)
5. Love In Hard Times (4:31)
6. Pennsylvania (4:33)
7. Loneliness & Alcohol (4:45)
8. I Don't Want You To Forget (3:49)
9. Fall Asleep (4:41)
10. Skin & Bones (3:51)
11. Left Undone (3:58)
12. Inland (4:13)




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