The Incredible Story of Mr Birch

About the Artist

Ives The Band is a four piece poprock band from San Diego, California. With the album The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch, members Jason Tolliver, Kyle Moore and brothers Bryce and Drew Newman bring sounds and melodies to the ears of innumerable musical enthusiasts who are seeking a new facet of the art form made so monotonous by years of misuse and misfortune, searching to strike a new note among the populace of the western frontier and beyond.

1. Funfair (3:28)
2. The Joker (3:46)
3. The Hero (4:49)
4. Archie The Equilibrist (3:34)
5. Mr. Birch (3:30)
6. The Ringleader (4:3)
7. Bye Bye Mr. Moon (4:16)
8. Colonel Maxwell (3:47)
9. The Lonely One (7:20)

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Ekay commented…

so best for your music in here .... the best for your best for you
I can get it

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