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In March of 2003, Derek Webb released his first solo album entitled She Must & Shall Go Free. The title is an emphatic statement about the liberation and ultimate security of the people of God — the church — taken from the last line of a 175-year-old hymn written by William Gadsby. She Must & Shall Go Free was an album born from questions. Those questions not only led to this first album, but they also started a path as an artist that Derek is still navigating today.

As Derek approached this 10 year anniversary he began to wonder what the album would have looked like if he were writing it today, exploring the relationships between the church, the culture and himself. He wondered about the observations, encouragements, criticisms and confessions he would discover if he asked these same questions 10 years later. What was initially nothing more than personal reminiscing and reflection quickly became the coordinates that led him to a new collection of songs — essentially a follow-up to his first album of 10 years ago.

I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & I Love You feels like a return to strength, a rest from running, and an encouraging start to what Derek hopes to be 10 more years of “afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted,” starting, as always, with himself.

1. I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & I Love You (3:56)
2. Eye Of The Hurricane (4:21)
3. Lover Part 3 (4:36)
4. Closer Than You Think (3:36)
5. Heavy (5:11)
6. Everything Will Change (5:52)
7. I Measure The Days (Simplified Anglican Chant) (1:51)
8. A Place At Your Table (5:4)
9. Nothing But Love (4:21)
10. The Vow (4:37)
11. Your Heart Breaks In All The Right Places (5:22)
12. Thy Will Be Done (3:48)




Brett commented…

yes, but is he also Darkwing Duck? has it been a disguise all this time? Is Derek Webb Darkwing Duck

Annamarie Trevvett


Annamarie Trevvett commented…

This is a wonderful collection of music to help calm me for homework and grading. I love how the lyrics really gear towards a younger twenty-something adult versus a young teenager or "adult." So grateful to have this available to listen to for free. Thanks, Relevant!

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