About the Artist

Rapper and spoken-word artist Propaganda offers this 12-track collection of music that is a far cry from stereotypical hip-hop. In his album Excellent, Propaganda touches on themes related to faith, family and the ups and downs of everyday life. This artist avoids vapid party raps and tired gangster cliches and serves up thinking man's music. This string-driven album displays a very unique blend of backwoods blues with some California sunshine that is very hard to categorize, but is certain to move you.

1. Don't LIsten To Me (2:31)
2. Excellent (2:8)
3. Redefine Cutter feat. Lee Green (3:28)
4. Raise The Banner (4:22)
5. Excellent Analogy feat. Alphonso McAuley (1:33)
6. Conquer feat. Theory Hazit (2:53)
7. Precious Puritans feat. Kevin "K.O." Olusola (Cello) (4:9)
8. Forgive Me For Asking (4:53)
9. I Ain't Got An Answer feat. Sho Baraka (5:8)
10. Warm Words (3:27)
11. Lofty feat. Joel from Ascend The Hill and Beautiful Eulogy (4:42)
12. Be Present (live from Catalyst Atlanta) (4:23)