About the Artist

Space: Atlas I is the newest EP from independent musical artist Sleeping At Last, (AKA Ryan OʼNeal).

The EP includes six brand new songs inspired by the solar system, with one song written for each planet. Characteristics of each planet were used in the formation of the songs, such as the use of only metallic instruments (bells, brass, cymbals, etc) on the song “Mercury”, since the planet is roughly 70% metallic.

Atlas is an ongoing series of EPs, inspired by the origins, emergence, and experiences of life. Two previous installments of the Atlas project, Darkness and Light, have already been released to positive reviews and are available for download in the iTunes store. The song “In The Embers”, off of the Light EP, was recently featured on an episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

1. Sun (4:37)
2. Mercury (3:33)
3. Venus (3:20)
4. Earth (4:28)
5. Moon (4:0)
6. Mars (3:57)



Always love me some Sleeping at Last :)


Really enjoying this album. SAL is excellent.


Calm, chill, beautiful.


Yes yes yes. "Sun" is one of my favorite songs. "We are the dust of dust" and yet "the apple of God's eye!" Excellent lyricism. Ryan O'Neal is one of my favorite writers. If you have not heard his song "Saturn" from the subsequent ep, drop all and give it a listen.

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